Thuringowa Brass Band is located in Kirwan in the City of Townsville.

Townsville is located on the North East Coast of Queensland, Australia, some 1600km north of the capital of Queensland, Brisbane. Thuringowa Brass was closely associated and enjoyed the support of the City of Thuringowa, however as of March 2008 by decree of the State Government, the City Of Thuringowa cease to exist and was amalgamated with Townsville City. It was agreed by a majority vote that the band would retain our name to remember the support and sponsorship of the people of the now defunct city of Thuringowa.

A Brief History

Thuringowa Brass band began it’s formation back in 1962, and was then known as the ‘Townsville Federal Band’. Then, as now, it’s members were all volunteer. Due to the support from the railways, the band changed it’s name to the ‘QLD Railway Institute Band’ in 1966. This was changed again in 1969 when we became the ‘QLD Postal Institute Concert Band’. With the loss of venue and support , the band became the QLD PYC Concert Band in 1974. In 1977 at the invitation of the then Mayor of Thuringowa Shire, Mr. Dan Gleeson, the band moved to Thuringowa and became the Thuringowa Shire Band.

The Shire of Thuringowa received City status on the 31st December 1985, and the Band changed it’s name to reflect this change. With  amalgamation we have again changed our name and are now “Thuringowa Brass Band”.


Our Band holds it’s practice on Monday night between 7:30pm and 9:30pm. The practice venue is at the Sound Shell, located in the Dan Gleeson Gardens. This venue can be reached by either Thuringowa Drive, or from the Council car park off Hinchinbrook Drive Kirwan.

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Thanks to the Townsville City Council Community Grants Scheme for their ongoing support.

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